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Jun. 20th, 2006 @ 01:38 am
Here's some crap Ada made me do. Oh well, I'm fairly sure only Ada and ARNHARJAR read this anyway.

1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different descriptions of their perfect lover.
2. He/she needs to mention the sex/gender of their perfect lover.
3. He/she must tag 8 more people to join this game and leave a comment on their comments saying they've been tagged.
4. If tagged a second time, there's no need to post again.

I guess I make it up? I was going to use Donkeyo's categories, but it really doesn't matter, and that would require me to read them all. Screw that.

Disclaimer: This stuff isn't always a 100% shot. People aren't consistent. People screw up. The girl could bitch sometimes, she might stiffen up and stop being so "easy-going" at times, or she might get fed up with me and yell at me at some point. That's all ok too. Being human isn't a bad thing. If there was a girl who didn't conflict with me at all, that would suck.

1. Easy-going. She doesn't have to be a total slacker like me. In fact, it might be nice to have someone keep me in ship-shape, so that I don't forget important stuff like bills or work. But she can't be a total control freak and expect to direct my life as if I had become a puppet to hers. I also don't like girls that tend to explode at little things that make no sense. You know what I'm talking about.

2. Preferably dark hair, but I'm not so superficial as to turn down a hot blonde.

3. Not-bitchy. I don't like girls who have to cause huge drama fights every chance they get.

4. Tolerability. She has to be able to tolerate me. Of course. Tolerable. This is vague. I have to just like hanging out with her. I could like several qualities about someone, but still not like hanging out with them.

5. She has to understand my status as a man. No, I will not help her shop for curtains. No, I will not pick out a flower pattern for a table cloth. No, I will not talk every time there is a silence while we are driving in a car or sitting in a restaurant. No, I don't always talk at dinner. Dinner is for eating food. If I am in the mood to talk, I will. If I have something to say, I will say it. I enjoy manly stuff. War, killing (on tv and in games), hunting, fishing, fighting, violence, explosions, beef jerky, meats, and midgets. I don't shave every day. Why bother? Maybe once every 2-3 days if I need to keep a "professional" look. I like goofing off. I will be a guy, not always some freaking romantic lover type who always knows the exact times to get flowers, candy, or a combination of both. I don't remember the date of the first time I talked to females, and I'm sure I wouldn't remember stuff like a 15 month anniversary. I won't tell a girl how beautiful she is every day, but that doesn't mean I don't think that kind of stuff. Also, if asked what I am thinking about, the answer is most likely either "nothing" or something you wish I hadn't bothered to mention, such as "I wonder what would happen if Mr. T (in his prime) had a no-holds-barred fight with Hulk Hogan (also in his prime)?". I am glad this number became the longest. It's not the most important, but it sure is the coolest one on this love-love mode sappy meme.

6. Intellect and an expansive view of things. I didn't want to say "open minded" because everyone spouts that crap. But she would really have to be able to accept that sometimes she isn't right, or that some idea may not be right, and be able to at least respect that other people think other ways. Intellect also covers basic intelligence. This is mostly covered by if I like someone to begin with or not. Stupid people tend to annoy me, and thus they wouldn't even make it to this criterion. I don't expect a genius-level intellect, just someone who can keep up with me. I don't think that's asking too much.

7. Humor. She has to (1) Appreciate funny stuff. I dislike rigid people who either don't laugh at anything or try to force it so people don't realize that they are rigid. (2) This is just a bonus for this category, but she has to be funny and be able to make me laugh (entertain me). (3) Have some discretion (share a sense of humor with me for the most part). If she likes a bunch of crap that just isn't funny to me, I don't think I'd be able to handle it.

8. This is a subset, a mixture of Intellect, Humor, and her being Tolerating. She has to understand when I'm joking and when I'm not. I guess "PERCEPTIVE" is the word this category takes on. It's annoying when I say something jokingly, but people take it as if I just insulted them and stated I want to murder them on the spot. She also has to know when not to mess around with me. I am not always a man of good humor.

There. Mission freaking accomplished. It took me like 15-20 minutes to write this crap and make it sound how I wanted it to. I hate you, Donkeyo. I tag anyone who had the misfortune of reading this. Especially Ruth/Roo/Roobot/ARNHARJAR.

School is almost over May. 3rd, 2006 @ 03:01 am
This schoolyear is looking like it will end on a sour note. After I told Anne how I felt and asked if there was any chance ever for her to feel the same about me, I found out that there is no chance for that to happen. I'm actually a lot more cool with it than I thought I'd be. After I had a short breakdown last Thursday night, I got a lot better and more sane than I've been in a while. Lately though, Anne has been quiet and obviously troubled, but won't even tell me anything, so I don't know what's going on with her at all, and I feel like our friendship is declining rapidly. She actually said she was mad at me today for not hanging out with her "because she wasn't cool enough because she didn't have alcohol", which is completely false. I haven't been hanging out with her because she stopped talking to me as much and stopped inviting me over to hang out.

Hannah is pissed at me too because I wouldn't join their "circle of trust" tonight, due to being pissed at Anne being pissed at me for no reason. The "circle of trust" is where Hannah, Nicole, Anne, and I sit in the dark in Nicole or Anne's room, usually Nicole's, and someone will ask a question that everyone has to answer in order, then the next person in the circle asks their own question. I already dislike these meetings because one was the cause of my semi-mental breakdown.

Nicole really hasn't said much to me, but I assume she is with Hannah and Anne at this point. We had an "alliance" for the past week or two in which we would always hang out if no one else wanted to, or we'd walk together if we got left behind by "the group" and such.

I'm sure since I wasn't around and I pissed them off, that they talked about me all night tonight. It doesn't deeply bother me, it just kind of pisses me off more that they won't say anything to me about it ever, unless one of them says something over summer or maybe next fall.

On the other hand, I've been hanging out with Log and Greg and Chelsea more lately, even though both are moving elsewhere for next year. I probably won't see Greg all that much, but I certainly will see Log next year when I go to hang out at his and David's house. Chelsea says I can come hang out at her apartment next year too, where her and her roommates will cook me dinner. Awesome.

I've also been hanging out with Jamie and Angela more, because they've been asking me to. Jamie is graduating, and Angela is moving out to an apartment, so I won't see them much next year either.

I saw Kelly today, for her last final. We hung out before it and she bought me and Log lunch. I think I'll miss her most of all from this school year, because she and I became really good friends pretty fast, and it stayed that way. I believe she could be one of those life-long friends. She also invited me to her wedding informally today. I think I'll really make an effort to go to it.

I don't really know what else to say, except I feel I should type more about Anne. It's kind of sad how we were such good friends before, and now it fell apart and I'm still not even sure why. I mean, I know why I don't feel like keeping up our friendship, I just don't know why she is acting the way she is toward me lately. Not calling me, not talking to me much when we're in a group with others, not telling me to come over like she used to. Because she doesn't talk to me anymore, I feel like we're just not friends. I feel like I'm just some acquaintance instead of someone who has been there for her all year long, every single day.

I guess I somewhat regret that I have to end the year on such a bad note with some people, but I honestly don't really stress about it too much. I just typed this post so I'd remember it in the future if they ever find a way to appease me and get me to hang out with them again.

Happy birthday to me Apr. 19th, 2006 @ 02:12 am
Well, I feel retarded for being so negative last night about my birthday. It turned out awesome. My dad called and wished me a happy birthday, Anne made me a card, Jamie made me a card too, my mom and sisters came to visit me. Then Log took me to Harris Teeter so I could use my new powers to buy alcohol.

I began talking to Anne like normal today. She was really excited for me, and at first I wasn't, but I think she rubbed off on me. I really like her card she made. Kelly was there to make me feel better too. I'm glad so many people showed interest and such. I went out to eat Sonic with Anne, Nicole, and Brittany. Nicole decided to give me 22 birthday smacks with her shoe to my butt. It stung.

When I got back, my dad called and told me that Amanda and her dad flipped a 4-wheeler over on to themselves, so Amanda had to be rushed from Kentucky down to Tennessee by helicopter, and since my dad's there for a week, he went down there too. Then not 10 minutes later, my mom called to tell me she was coming to see me. They'd changed plans and instead of dropping Courtney off at school first, they came to see me so we could eat dinner. I felt kind of bad, but I decided I'd go out again anyway. No one was out on the porch or in the lobby except Log and David, so they got to meet my mom and Courtney. They didn't meet Kyla because she was shy and stayed in the car. Brandon got to see my mom too since he appeared at the door to the dorm.

Kyla had a few funny little sayings, like "Oh my god, who would name their kid LOG?". My mom and Courtney laughed at that with me because Kyla can be kind of spacey sometimes. Then she said something about bleu cheese tasting like "butt crack" because I had some with my hot wings from Chili's. I decided to just get an appetizer. So then we asked her how she knew what butt crack tasted like, and she said, in the most serious voice ever, "Well, you know what I meant. Like what butt crack would taste like if you were to ever taste butt crack."

Then Courtney snapped a picture of me in front of the dorm with mom, and they were off to take Courtney to school.

After that, I went to see Anne and Brittany, and Anne asked me to go to West End with her. I went of course, and on the way, I saw Log, and he said that he wouldn't let my 21st birthday go by without me buying and drinking alcohol. So I said I'd wait for him in the lobby. I got back to the dorm and he didn't show up right away so I went to say hey to Jamie since I hadn't seen her in a long time. I talked to her for a bit and decided log was taking too long, so I went to his room. He was there and we went out to buy beer.

David was around for a few minutes after we got back, but he felt tired and couldn't drink because he was on medication for his sinus infection.

So he left and Log and I watched some Seinfeld episodes from season 5 like The Puffy Shirt, The Mango, The Opposite and The Hamptons. Russell decided that of all fucking nights, he was going to sleep in our room tonight. I don't care. He is on his bed as I type this as loudly as I can mash my keyboard. Our overhead light is on. I don't care. He is the only person I dislike on a cellular level. Every fiber of his being annoys me now that I found out he's the type of person to ditch his friends to focus 100% on his girlfriend. I dislike that a lot.

So Log and I went to the lobby for the Opposite and The Hamptons, but Angela came in late at like 12:30 and asked if I'd walk her back from parking her car. I'd had 2 bottles of beer by this point, but I was barely even "buzzed" so to speak, so I said ok. We had fun driving to and finding a spot, then walking back. I made some jokes about her acting more drunk than I was, because she's pretty hyperactive and giggly at times.

Now here I am typing this shortened version of events today. I feel bad that the small details that I'm not typing will be lost. Like when Courtney almost changed lanes into someone's car while we were driving, or when I told her to go the wrong way. Twice. Even though I live and go out into Greenville all the time. Or when Kyla apparently racked up a 100 dollar phone bill on her cell phone and my mom told me she Kyla tried to pay her back with money that wasn't even hers. Or when Anne told me to tell my family she said hi, and I told them, then said she couldn't come in person because she was feeling bad and laying in bed all day, then when I told Anne about it, she told me that now they will think she's some lazy girl who doesn't do anything. Or that Courtney has 2 hermit crab pets now named Tyrone and Baqueefa or something weird. It's hard to pronounce, let alone type.

Well, I need to freaking sleep because I have class in 6 hours. My 21st birthday was actually really good. I'm quite content.

No subject here Apr. 18th, 2006 @ 12:48 am
So it's my birthday "officially". I don't even feel excited. I can't have a real birthday with my family, since my dad is in Kentucky until next weekend, and I have finals soon, so I can't just skip and go home to have one with my mom and sisters. Not to mention one of them is not even there, but also at school. My mom called me the other day and asked if I wanted anything for my birthday. I couldn't think of anything I wanted. I hate my current classes except Marketing. I'll be glad to have a solid 3 and a half months of no class, except I need to get a job. I also don't want to move out, because all my friends are moving to other dorms or apartments next year. Sure I can still see them all, but it just won't be the same. No going over at 2am to hang out with my female friends, no walking back from parking their cars at the B2 lot, no chilling in the lobby and seeing a friend pass by every 20-30 minutes or less.

On the brighter side, Log and David seem intent on getting me hammered on my birthday. I guess that could be fun. On the downside, David himself won't be able to drink since he's on medication for his sinus infection. Log can't legally drink yet, so basically they'll be watching me slowly get more and more drunk throughout the day and laughing. Probably have a camera on-hand too.

Well, I'm done for now I guess. It's 1am but I don't feel sleepy at all, so I guess that means no morning class for me.

ASDKFJ Feb. 22nd, 2006 @ 01:41 pm
Yep. I decided to put something in here since I never do anymore. Oh well.
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Yeah, you heard me. 2-10-2006. I cannot find u.
» I win at life. In other news, women piss me off.
Today was ok. Went to classes, did stuff. Went to dinner, and girls with me, Russell, and Mike ruined our discussion of a particularly attractive girl who was sitting a few tables away. Suddenly all the girls (4) jump on me and practically yell out "OH MY GOSH WHICH GIRL!? YOU THINK SHE'S CUTE!?!?!?" which makes the girl turn, and me explain that Russell said she was hot, I merely said I thought she was in one of my classes last semester. So then the whole conversation was ruined and I was the one who seemed like some creepy weirdo or something. So then the girls all get up to leave while Mike is talking to this girl he knows, and Russ and I decide we can't abandon a man in the field. That and we didn't want to walk back with the (4) girls. So they leave and Russ and I talk a bit. Then we leave Mike to his Mack.

I decided to go buy my books finally, so we head to the bookstore, and ~100 lbs later and 400-500 dollars poor-er, I'm in the checkout line when the girl asks how old I am, guessing at 25. I say "No, I'm just 20." She asks if I'm married, I say no, she asks if I have kids, I say no, she asks if I have a girlfriend, I say no. Then her friend goes "You're all up in this man's kool-aid!" and the girl says "Well I think he cute! I wouldn't wanna be sayin all that if he had a girl. Anyway, I think you're cute." And at this point I'm confused and like "Oh wow", so I just say "Well thank you very much" and give my Kenny life-winning smile, and get my books. Then I stick around for a second or two looking for Russ, who was lost in the Mac section of the store, and then I leave. My ego got a big boost from that, and I despise women a little less. But I still hate females right now. Too much trouble.
» Glaebdsakfjwef
I just got home yesterday from my week-long trip to visit relatives. WHICH APPARENTLY NO ONE KNEW ABOUT. Oh well, time to go watch Seinfeld and play some more games.
» What crazy webs we weave
I love her. I love her!? I LOVE HER! How weird it feels to think that, to say it. I wouldn't have said those words two days ago. But it's just so clear now. I am happier than I've ever been. I can say all this with absolute certainty, something that is lacking in many of my declarative statements. Neither of us knows how it will go on from here, but in my mind, it can't go anywhere but to a good place.

If you read this, you know I love you, and I can't seem to say it enough today.
» Mistakes abound
Oops. I forgot to mention that I am madly in love-love mode with Roo. And I made a mistake last post, since I forgot to call Neck by her real name. Heart-love-love-mode-beam to my darling Roo.
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